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Quality criteria !

The guiding principle of quality at Pure-Life is joy, especially at work! Without this important spiritual attitude, there is no work. Without joy in life, not an organic product, but only organic on paper.

The seeds are not only carefully selected, but also levitated. This increases the germination capacity and the quality of the seed. All Pure Life customers are satisfied and have accompanied Pierre-Louis Vermot-Petit-Outhenin, the founder of the idea to rehabilitate the sprouts in our company for 20 years. New customers are added daily by recommendation, gift or resale.

Thank you very much !

A special thank you goes to the 100,000 people who have realized that seeds and fresh sprouts are the number 1 in all categories, far above all chemical substances or compositions of so-called natural products in powdered, liquid or pressed form. Those who understand this no longer talk about vitamins, oligo-elements, etc., but about life.

If you, dear reader, agree, you too will begin to sprout in diversity. They will take their time and show respect to these beings. By maintaining a good atmosphere and talking to the shoots as well as to your plants, you receive the greatest gift of life: a healthy mind in a healthy body and a lot of joie de vivre. Self-help is the best help. (1)

(1) Babies or fresh sprouts grown with the Pure Life system shall be kept in the refrigerator for at least 14 days without exception. This is a quality many people dream of. Do it and you will be satisfied too!




Forward to nature !

What is stronger than nature? The beginning of every living being is a seed. You have him here in your hands and life in you.

Life, N° 1 in all categories, increases your immune system sustainably and in the long term – in the form of newly born, native shoots! Take the first step in your detox treatment. In three to five days you will draw your own food, spices and health food.

You are what you eat!

Rung effect

What are the benefits of these plants ?

Sprouts are wholesome and valuable. They create profit and added value:

  • corporeally
  • cerebral
  • material

They give pleasure, health and well-being.


No. 1 in all categories.

Gift of sprouts

Only a few things are necessary for the production of one kilo of sprouts:

A few tablespoons of seeds, a manna shoot cultivator, a shoot garden, moisture, light, air and some exercise.

Love for life, a little music every now and then and a good word every now and then. That’s enough.

This miracle lasts between one and nine days.

Eating sprouts means eating the whole plant, with leaves and mono roots, full-bodied and luscious, digestible and economical, in other words holistic.

Number 1 in all categories !

What are rungs ?

Pure nature, that is what sprouts are: the only wholesome, biogenic food. No other food gives us humans so much life, joie de vivre and health in harmony with ecology as economy.

Sprouts are not sprinkled in homeopathic dosage on ready meals. Do not confuse them with parsley. It makes sense to eat larger quantities of it every day. Those who enrich each meal with 10% of this nutritious and necessary delicacy take a big step in the right direction.

What is this pure-life vegetable for?

One of the greatest advantages of sprouts is their high content of native proteins. Sprouts are free of harmful substances and carriers of high concentrations of enzymes and vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Therefore, shoots contain everything that the body needs for
life needs.

They can be kept fresh for weeks regardless of the season. Of course, they are particularly low in calories. Harvested ready to eat and ready to serve, they are quickly prepared. In addition, sprouts are an inexpensive and potent source of energy and health.

The magic word !

Thank you,
that life exists

Thank you,
that you exist

Thank you,
that there are seeds and shoots

Thank you,
that you are a Pure-Life sprout fan